Serve safe houses, women shelters and girls homes. Donate to charity.

OLFS ministry serves with our love and bring smiles to faces of those who have the courage to escape an abusive home. 

Purpose Is To Serve Others

Our Reason

My daughter and I want to fulfill a purpose that The Lord placed in my heart many years ago. In the past, my sons and  I were exposed to an abusive environment and escaped it with the help of my family and friends. Therefore, I have always had a desire to be involved with domestic violence centers and safe houses. In high school, I was involved with Girls FCA and we worked with the Girls Ranch which sparked a deep desire to continue to work with homes for girls in crisis. Our motto is, love God, love people, this is how our house will serve The Lord! 

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Give, Serve, Love, Smile

OLFS mission is to serve with our love and bring smiles to faces of those who have the courage to leave behind an abusive environment. We want to honor and support the individuals that are scared or unsure about their future. We are here to serve girls' homes, women's centers and safe houses by donating clothing, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, books, and much more. We want to reach these individuals that deserve our help and deserve to smile.

WISH LIST BELOW-Immediate Need

Our Involvement

OLFS is commited to providing items to girls' homes, women's centers and Safe Houses. We will donate items for these beautiful people in Auburn, AL and surrounding areas. It's our hope to bring smiles to their faces during this temporary time in their lives. 

WISH LIST BELOW-Immediate Need


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Our Love, 

Paige and Piper

Our Love for Smiles


Wish List Immediate Need

Bras (large cup sizes), Pajamas/night gowns (all sizes), Diapers (3 and 4), Twin sheet sets, Twin mattress covers, Pillows, Laundry detergent, Bleach, Pine-sol, Trash bags, Aluminum foil, Re-sealable bags, Paper towels, Toilet tissue, Hand soap, Cooking oil,  Boxed, canned or bottled juices, Ethnic hair products -relaxers -hair moisturizer, hair grease, hair gel 

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Emergency Hotline Numbers

Emergency Hotline Numbers

Alabama hotline numbers  

(334) 749-1515 

(800) 650-6522

More information

Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence website

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website

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You don’t find too many people who are willing to help others in need without anything in return. Very grateful for all you do!!! I definitely recommend Our Love for Smiles if you want to donate to families in need! Falandria 

What A Rewarding Year!!

What a year! We have served so many people directly and indirectly and it’s been such a blessing!